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Guar Gum is a novel agrochemical processed from endosperm of Cluster Bean. It is largely used in the form of Guar Gum Powder as an additive in food, pharmaceuticals, paper, textile, explosive, oil well drilling and cosmetics industry. The processing technique of Guar Gum depends on the requirement of the product.

The Gum is commercially extracted from seeds essentially by a mechanical process of roasting, differential attrition, sieving and polishing. The seeds are broken and the germ is separated from the endosperm. Two halves of the endosperm are obtained from each seed and are known as un-de-husked guar split. The Guar seeds are then de-husked, milled, and screened to obtain the Guar Gum. It is typically a free-flowing, pale/off-white-coloured, coarse to fine ground powder and is easily soluble in water, and has a natural ability to bind with water molecules. In addition, these Guar seeds produce greater thickness than hydrocolloids like locust bean gum, carboxymethyl cellulose, and cellulose gum.

Guar Gum is relatively cost effective as compared to other thickeners and stabilizers along with it being an effective binder, plasticizer, and emulsifier. One of the important properties of guar gum, a polysaccharide, is that it is high on galactose and mannose.


With its vast application across the industries, the Guar Gum has a lot of useful properties:

  1. Highly soluble in hot and cold water

  2. Acts as thickener and can enhance viscosity

  3. Excellent water binding quality, yet resistant to oil solvents

  4. Exhibits filming qualities and high level of stability

  5. Compatible with hydrocolloids


Food grade guar gum is purely natural and 100% vegetarian. The powder is a natural thickening agent used to improve food's and beverage's consistency. Guar gum is one of the best stabilizing agents. Guar gum powder is used to prepare gluten free baked items and added in ice-creams, gravies or pudding etc. When taken practically, Guar gum has eight times more thickening properties as compared to corn starch. It is used as gelling, clouding and binding agent to improve the texture of the products.


Industrial grade guar gum is a cream-colored powder derived from the ground endosperm of the seeds of natural guar strains. It is helpful as a natural thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, bonding agent, hydrocolloids, gelling agent, natural fiber, flocculant, fracture agent, etc. Guar Gum is relatively cost effective as compared to other thickeners and stabilizers along with it being an effective binder, plasticizer, and emulsifier.


Guar gum Powder is widely used in Oil and Gas well drilling to increase the production rate of oil and gas because of its multi-functions such as fluid and water loss control, lubrication and cooling of drill bits, shale inhibitor and solids carrier. It has excellent solution rheology, stability, solubility, and compatibility with other auxiliaries used in oil well drilling. Guar gum gives a better colloid to reduce water losses and to regulate the viscosity of mud solution, stabilizes and regulates the flow properties of the drilling mud.



Our quality assurance team is on their toes during the final packaging stage. The products are packed under strict hygienic conditions with precise packaging using high standard packaging materials to ensure that the Guar Gum products are safe during its transition. We provide wide variety of packaging as per our customer’s requirement and printing is also managed in-house.

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